Janet Moore Sr Mgr, Customer Solutions , AWS BDSI Strategic

Janet Moore

I met Siobhan in 2018, when she properly educated me on how to pursue an opportunity at AWS. It was her direct coaching and motivation that led me through a successful LEAP Interview loop, and eventually hired at AWS as a senior leader. Siobhan became a trusted partner for me as a candidate, and provided coaching that allowed me to discover new strategic approaches for telling my success stories, which I later shared during my interview loops. She explained the different tools available to me about the interview process, how to flourish, and how to focus on key area where my pass success would be utilized at AWS. Siobhan has a dynamic high-energy way of motivating elevated performance, and that has led to me having a truly successful career as a senior leader in the cloud industry at AWS. I have witnessed Siobhan in action through the LEAP Events program at AWS, and she knows how to drive increased engagements within the recruiting of advanced technical talent.

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