Cultivating Engaging and Impactful Organizational Culture

Understanding the Journey

We understand that embarking on an ID&E journey through talent acquisition and leadership development requires time, thoughtful planning, and accountability.

As your partner, LEAPahead Talent Solutions provides the expertise and organizational development solutions needed at every step of the way. Together, we can create a custom-made and thoughtfully implemented ID&E organizational development or talent acquisition strategy, ensuring progress and positive change.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together, building an inclusive and equitable future for you and your organization.

LEAPahead’s Comprehensive Approach

Driving Change with Data and Strategy while ID&E is at the Heart of All We Do

At LEAPahead Talent Solutions, we offer a comprehensive approach and a wide range of solutions that encompass every aspect of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (ID&E) transformation. Our expertise extends to embedding ID&E principles throughout your organization, from leadership development and recruitment to change management. Working closely with your leadership team, we structure actionable steps that align with your long-term vision. Our data-driven change management plan measures shifting mindsets and behaviors, providing a fact-based understanding of your current state and translating aspirations into measurable goals.

Together, let's create a roadmap for change, cultivating a high-performing culture that truly reflects your customer base. By adopting an end-to-end approach, we make ID&E an integral part of your organization's foundation, scalability, and growth.

Unleashing the Power of Inclusive Leadership

Empowering Courageous Leaders for Success

Investing in leadership and organizational development allows organizations to foster an inclusive culture and ensure long-term profitability!

At LEAPahead Talent Solutions, we specialize in cultivating courageous leaders and executives who drive transformative change and optimize global profitability. We partner with business leaders to shed light on unconscious biases that may permeate their organizational foundation and hiring practices, particularly affecting women, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and other marginalized groups. By bringing these biases to the surface and fostering understanding, leaders can challenge the status quo and break free from the assumption that everyone is like them. Through this transformative process, we empower leaders to become courageous.

By partnering with LEAPahead Talent Solutions, organizations embark on a journey of self-discovery, fostering an inclusive and engaged workforce. Through our tailored programs and initiatives, we equip leaders with the tools to dismantle biases, champion diversity, and harness the talent that has been overlooked for far too long.

By investing in this type of leadership development, organizations unlock the vast potential of their workforce, ensuring they are well-positioned to navigate the complexities of a diverse and rapidly changing world while driving revenue.

Meet Our Visionary CEO

Siobhan Neilland: A Catalyst for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

Discover the driving force behind LEAPahead's transformative approach to inclusion, diversity, and equity.

Meet Siobhan Neilland, our visionary CEO and founder, renowned for her expertise in talent acquisition, organizational development, and fostering inclusive cultures.

Siobhan Neilland is a globally recognized thought leader in the field of ID&E organizational development and talent acquisition. With a remarkable skill set as a sought-after speaker, social entrepreneur, author, and philanthropic leader, Siobhan's passion lies in fostering inclusion, diversity, and equity. Discover how her unwavering dedication and expertise have helped organizations build Fortune 500 companies that embrace inclusive hiring practices, cultivate engagement, and drive success.

Learn More About Siobhan Neilland

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Francessca Vasquez

Siobhan and her team have had a great impact on AWS and our business. Thank you for helping support the AWS Americas Business. Thank you for everything you do!

Francessca Vasquez
Vice President, Customer Experience, Solutions, and Technology at AWS

Lester McPherson

Lester McPherson Director, WW Workforce & CSC
Throughout my career, it’s been my mission to cultivate an inclusive and diverse workplace to ensure an environment that reflects the various perspectives and lived experiences from people all over the world. And, the Leadership Engagement Advancement Program (LEAP) is an inclusive hiring initiative that helps us to get it right here at AWS, thanks

Lester McPherson
Director, WW Workforce & CSC

Joseph Santamaria

Joseph Santamaria - Dir, Energy IBU SA , AWS BDSI EA Comm Field SA
After many attempts to improve our ability to attract diverse leaders, I came across LEAP Events Program and it was the real deal. The connection established between the candidates and AWS leaders when explaining our culture, answering all sorts of questions, and getting to know each is a unique, differentiated candidate experience that produced amazing

Joseph Santamaria
Dir, Energy IBU SA , AWS BDSI EA Comm Field SA

Ed Sayson

Ed Sayson Head of Talent Acquisition at ARC Document Solutions

Siobhan is an amazing human being, not just a very effective recruiter. She is a bundle of energy and full of joi de vivre! Her positive nature and ability to connect with people can help any organization attract

Ed Sayson
Head of Talent Acquisition at ARC Document Solutions

Patricia Day

Patricia Day
It’s rare as a hiring manager to find a recruiter that truly takes the time to understand the skills and talent needed, and also leans into your teams culture and leadership style to find the leaders that will shine. That’s Siobhan and the LEAPahead Team. Not only do they take the time to really understand

Patricia Day
Director of Enterprise Cloud

Alexandra Kralicek

Alexandra Kralicek Staffing Leader
I had the great pleasure of work with Siobhan during my team leading Amazon Fresh and Consumables recruiting. Siobhan was fully in charge of the strategic hiring plan for software engineers in our Irvine office. She partnered closely with hiring teams on process and best practices to deliver results while also examining the same and

Alexandra Kralicek
Staffing Leader

Our Clients

LEAPahead Talent Solutions has an impeccable reputation in the hi-tech industry having worked with both start-ups as well as Fortune 500 Companies. We have also had the distinct pleasure of helping some of them get there!

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