Marjorie Abdelkrime Sr Mgr, Migration Scale , AWS WWCS - WW Technology

Marjorie Abdelkrime

I first met Siobhan in 2020 when I explored opportunities at Amazon thru the LEAP Interview Summit. Siobhan immediately became a trusted partner for me as a candidate. She explained the different tools available to me about the interview process, how to succeed, and how to rethink my approach to my brand, which was more than I have ever received from a member of the Talent Acquisition team in the past. Siobhan has led innovative thinking on recruiting talent that will introduce diversity into the organization thru her LEAP Events Program that she created. Siobhan has passion, energy, and high EQ—all skills you need in a team looking to drive innovation. Siobhan is a value add team member and will drive increased engagement in any organization she is a part of.

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