Empowering leaders, driving change, and optimizing global profitability with our inclusive leadership development consulting services.

Our Leadership and Organizational Development Offerings

At LEAPahead Talent Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of leadership development consulting services designed to empower organizations and drive impactful change. From executive leadership training and team development to organizational strategy and virtual learning, we specialize in equipping courageous leaders with the skills and strategies needed to optimize global profitability. With a focus on fostering an inclusive culture and ensuring long-term success, our services help organizations navigate change, attract top talent, and host engaging virtual and in-person leadership summits.

Discover how our tailored solutions can transform your organization and unlock its full potential below.

Executive Leadership Training & Facilitation

Develop exceptional leadership skills through our tailored training programs and expert facilitation, empowering executives to drive organizational success.

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On-Site Team Development & Strategy

Foster collaboration, enhance team dynamics, and align strategies for optimal performance and achievement of organizational goals with our on-site development strategies.

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Organizational & Hiring Strategy

Streamline your organization's hiring processes, implement effective talent acquisition strategies, and build a strong foundation for long-term growth.

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Change Management & Organizational Effectiveness

Navigate change successfully, optimize organizational effectiveness, and drive impactful transformations with our change management expertise.

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Virtual Learning & Facilitation Program

Access our comprehensive virtual learning programs and expert facilitation to equip leaders and teams with essential skills for remote collaboration and success.

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CEO Boot Camp

Join our exclusive CEO Boot Camp designed for visionary CEOs to gain strategic insights into staffing, organizational development, and diversity while unlocking the full potential of your organization.

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Elevate Your Leadership Potential

Our Executive Leadership Training & Development programs are powerfully designed to equip you with the skills, insights, and strategies needed to drive organizational success. Harness executive potential and take your leadership team to new heights.

  • Develop exceptional leadership skills through tailored training programs and expert facilitation.
  • Drive organizational success by enhancing strategic thinking, decision-making, and communication abilities.
  • Gain insights and techniques to effectively manage teams and navigate organizational change.
  • Harness your leadership potential to achieve professional growth and exceed your career goals.

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Diverse Team Leadership Training and Reorganization Services

Unleash the Power of Team Synergy
With Our OnSite Team Development Program

Transform your team dynamics and align strategies for exceptional performance and achievement. Our Team Development & Strategy services empower your teams to collaborate, innovate, and reach new heights of success.

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Strategic Solutions for Organizational & Hiring Strategy

Building a Strong Foundation for Growth

Our Organizational & Hiring Strategy services help you attract top talent, refine job descriptions, and optimize interview processes to ensure you have the right people driving your organization forward. Streamline your hiring processes, implement effective talent acquisition strategies, and build a solid foundation for long-term growth.

Navigating Change for Success

Optimize Organizational Effectiveness

Optimize Organizational Effectiveness

LEAPahead Talent Solutions' Change Management & Organizational Effectiveness services provide comprehensive strategies, effective communication, and seamless change implementation to drive impactful transformations. Empower your organization to navigate change successfully and achieve optimal effectiveness.

Embrace Change...
...Drive Success!

Unlock You or Your Team's Full Potential with Our Virtual Learning Programs

Harness the Power of Virtual Learning with our 3 Offerings

  • Virtual Leadership Summits: Build customized leadership summits to attract desired talent and thought leaders. Engage customers and establish relationships based on your core values.
  • Virtual Full Inclusion & Diversity Intensive Programming:
    • Inclusive Leader Online Intensive — Experience a provocative introduction to shifting mindsets and behaviors for better partnership across different playing fields.
    • Virtual Summit, Helping Leaders — Delve into comprehensive and insightful virtual sessions exploring inclusive leadership and engagement to:
      • Explore skills to work and lead inclusively.
      • Understand and articulate the organization's inclusion engagement journey and the path forward.
      • Build awareness of insider culture and the unique role of insiders and outsiders in creating an inclusive culture.
      • Take specific action on a skill and identify next steps in leaders' individual learning journey.
  • Virtual ID&E Learning Summits & Intensive Programming: Take your organization to the next level with this comprehensive program focusing on inclusion, diversity, and equity (and belonging).

CEO Boot Camp: Empowering Visionary Leaders

Unleash Your Potential for Sustainable Growth

Are you a visionary CEO looking to take your company to new heights?

Contact us to join our exclusive CEO Boot Camp, where forward-thinking leaders like you come together to harness the power of strategic staffing and organizational development.

Equip yourself with the knowledge, strategies, and tools needed to optimize your workforce and build a thriving company.

Ignite Your Leadership Journey

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LEAPahead's Top 4 Keynote Speaking Presentations


Master the skills needed to become an exceptional leader

Ever feel like you’re missing that “something” other leaders have that makes them go from ordinary to exceptional? The best leaders are driven by a greater purpose. We share with you our secrets to achieve exceptional success for yourself and those around you by not playing the game—but changing the game.


Discover your path to acquiring financial freedom

As an entrepreneurial woman, you encounter biases that require you to be at the forefront of innovation and integrity to achieve success. We equip you with the toolkits to fast-track your success as well as small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and startups to become the best in their industry.


Realize motivation, inspiration, & purpose in your life

Change the game from mess to success. We share with you how we created a successful lives by harvesting joy in the most unlikely of places. From transmuting a past of abuse, pain, and neglect, LEAPahead Talent Solutions founder, Siobhan, built a life of prosperity—a life you can have too.


Gain interviewing, hiring, & career development expertise

The game of hiring the best and being the best. We breaks it down on both sides of the equation. With over a decade of experience hiring for Fortune 500 companies, we share our secrets to landing the job of your dreams or building the perfect team of people to catapult your organization to success.

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Book Siobhan Neilland as a speaker to inspire wholehearted commitment, overcome adversity, take action, and make an altruistic impact.

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LEAPahead Talent Solutions Leadership Development Success Stories

Francessca Vasquez

Siobhan and her team have had a great impact on AWS and our business. Thank you for helping support the AWS Americas Business. Thank you for everything you do!

Francessca Vasquez
Vice President, Customer Experience, Solutions, and Technology at AWS

Lester McPherson

Lester McPherson Director, WW Workforce & CSC
Throughout my career, it’s been my mission to cultivate an inclusive and diverse workplace to ensure an environment that reflects the various perspectives and lived experiences from people all over the world. And, the Leadership Engagement Advancement Program (LEAP) is an inclusive hiring initiative that helps us to get it right here at AWS, thanks

Lester McPherson
Director, WW Workforce & CSC

Joseph Santamaria

Joseph Santamaria - Dir, Energy IBU SA , AWS BDSI EA Comm Field SA
After many attempts to improve our ability to attract diverse leaders, I came across LEAP Events Program and it was the real deal. The connection established between the candidates and AWS leaders when explaining our culture, answering all sorts of questions, and getting to know each is a unique, differentiated candidate experience that produced amazing

Joseph Santamaria
Dir, Energy IBU SA , AWS BDSI EA Comm Field SA

Ed Sayson

Ed Sayson Head of Talent Acquisition at ARC Document Solutions

Siobhan is an amazing human being, not just a very effective recruiter. She is a bundle of energy and full of joi de vivre! Her positive nature and ability to connect with people can help any organization attract

Ed Sayson
Head of Talent Acquisition at ARC Document Solutions

Patricia Day

Patricia Day
It’s rare as a hiring manager to find a recruiter that truly takes the time to understand the skills and talent needed, and also leans into your teams culture and leadership style to find the leaders that will shine. That’s Siobhan and the SER Team. Not only do they take the time to really understand

Patricia Day
Director of Enterprise Cloud

Alexandra Kralicek

Alexandra Kralicek Staffing Leader
I had the great pleasure of work with Siobhan during my team leading Amazon Fresh and Consumables recruiting. Siobhan was fully in charge of the strategic hiring plan for software engineers in our Irvine office. She partnered closely with hiring teams on process and best practices to deliver results while also examining the same and

Alexandra Kralicek
Staffing Leader