SER’s LEAPahead Talent Solutions Story

Siobhan Neilland, a renowned leader in Talent Acquisition & Organizational Development, and an esteemed author, is the visionary behind SER Consulting and LEAPahead Talent Solutions. Throughout her career, Siobhan has been instrumental in crafting exceptional workplace strategies that prioritize inclusion, equity, and diversity (ID&E) for some of the world’s most prominent organizations. LEAPahead Talent Solutions specializes in the development of ID&E strategies, offering cutting-edge thought leadership, interactive training both in-person and online, seminars, summits, in-house organizational development, and talent acquisition solutions.

At LEAPahead Talent Solutions, we collaborate with clients from diverse industries and sectors, regardless of where they stand in their ID&E journey. Our clientele spans multinational corporations, middle-market and small companies, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies. The passionate team at LEAPahead Talent Solutions is dedicated to building a future of work that fosters inclusivity and engagement. We emphasize the importance of leadership and ally ship at all levels, implementing tangible behaviors, actions, and metrics for success and profitability. Our ultimate goal is to create a work environment that is truly inclusive, empowering, and economically rewarding.

Our CEO & Founder

Siobhan Neilland: A Catalyst for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

Siobhan Neilland is a globally recognized thought leader in the field of ID&E organizational development and talent acquisition. With a remarkable skill set as a sought-after speaker, social entrepreneur, author, and philanthropic leader for, Siobhan’s passion lies in fostering inclusion, diversity, and equity. She champions advocacy for candidates throughout the interview process, working towards building Fortune 500 organizations that embrace inclusion and engagement within their diverse hiring practices, particularly for leadership and executive positions.

Siobhan envisions a future where inclusive organizations thrive, and where every individual feels valued and significant. Having experienced the privileges of privilege as well as the challenges of stigma, she fearlessly redefines the notion of true belonging and authenticity. Her mission extends beyond the workplace and into our families and communities. Siobhan openly shares her powerful and unforgettable personal journey with clients and audiences, challenging assumptions and inspiring meaningful action for a more inclusive and engaging tomorrow.

Drawing from her vast experience working with leaders to develop their leadership, technology, and sales teams, Siobhan accompanies them on their inclusive leadership journey. Through groundbreaking conversations that bridge geographical, demographic, and cultural differences within organizations, she provides invaluable insights gained from years of working on ID&E initiatives with various leaders. Using organizational development strategies, talent acquisition turnkey solutions, keynote presentations, executive coaching, and senior leadership sessions, Siobhan educates and empowers leaders to embrace their role as catalysts for change.

One of Siobhan’s notable contributions is the development of customer-facing inclusive diversity events and interview coaching programs for leadership roles, exemplified by the LEAP (Leadership Engagement Advancement Program) methodology. This program, implemented in organizations such as AWS/Amazon, aims to significantly increase the success rate of onsite-to-offer conversions by 30-57% globally when hiring top-tier diverse leadership. A core component of this initiative is the LEAP to Success Virtual Leadership Interview Lounge, which provides interview behavioral coaching to diverse leadership candidates, supporting them throughout the interview process.

Beyond her work at LEAPahead Talent Solutions, Siobhan leads a fulfilling life as the CEO and Founder of This non-profit organization has spent the last 17 years establishing health centers that provide essential pre- and post-natal healthcare, malaria treatment, and HIV prevention in small rural communities across sub-Saharan Africa. Siobhan generously donates her time and resources to this meaningful cause. OneMama is dedicated to supporting communities where families live on less than $1.25 a day and face challenging conditions during childbirth.

In addition to her nonprofit efforts, Siobhan has demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit through the creation of social entrepreneurial companies within the platform of Fighting For Your Joy and The JOY of Others. These ventures, built upon the six pillars of the platform, aim to empower individuals and communities to embrace their authentic selves, advocate for their needs, and find joy and fulfillment in their lives. Through these social entrepreneurial endeavors, Siobhan continues to make a meaningful impact on a broader scale, promoting positive change and fostering inclusive growth.

Siobhan Neilland embodies the spirit of creating lasting change in both professional and philanthropic endeavors. Her commitment to inclusive leadership, engagement, and diversity resonates throughout her work, inspiring individuals and organizations to embrace a future where everyone can thrive.