Shaun Collett

The LEAP Events Program has completely changed how I think about interviewing and hiring candidates. As a Bar Raiser, I’ve found candidates to be more comfortable, more engaging, more open, and far more prepared to dive deep into the details of their career in our interviews. Additionally, it’s been fun for me to participate as a coach and on the panel to offer LEAP candidates insights to help them better prepare. Finally, as Amazon customers I believe candidates walk away with an improved experience engaging with our brand. I worked closely with Siobhan in the early stages of developing the LEAP hiring program. Siobhan is one of the most talent obsessed recruiters I’ve worked with, always seeking to find, prepare, and inspire candidates while also maintaining Amazon’s high standards for hiring. She has a creative mind to think outside the box and helps make work fun! Siobhan and the SER Team, you’ve done such amazing work with the LEAP program, that I’d love the opportunity to help however I can.

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