D.S. Sr. Manager Talent Acquisition Leadership AWS Team

Siobhan and her team was an integral part of the Leadership Team hitting diversity goals in past years due to her driving LEAP Events dedicated to hiring senior leadership bench across multiple disciplines. For example, the last event that Siobhan and her team led saw 77 leadership candidates attending some stage of the LEAP process (95% diverse), resulted in 15 diverse offers (10 Sr Managers and 5 Managers). Siobhan’s ownership and ability to earn trust across the Leadership Team and the business was key to LEAP events being a success.

Each time a dedicated Leadership Hiring event was ran we saw funnel metrics improve (Phone screen:On site 1.85:1 vs LEAP 3.4:1, On site:Offer 1.54:1 vs LEAP 2.1:1), and Candidate Satisfaction was 92% positive, 0% negative, and 8% passive vs the avg of 79% positive and 15% negative. Without these events in 2020 and 2021 and 2022 the Leadership Team would not have hit diversity targets.

Additionally, Siobhan has consistently leaned in to ensure the Leadership Team has had the opportunity to participate in any of the offerings that she has built over the last few years, exhibiting learn and be curious to ensure that her offerings are tweaked to target leadership candidates. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Siobhan and her team, and I look forward to collaborating with her in the future.

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