Leila Langlois

As the Director of AWS Recruiting, I have had the privilege of witnessing the positive impact of SER Consulting’s work firsthand. Siobhan and her team’s contributions to inclusive hiring and efforts in establishing the LEAP (Leadership Engagement Advancement Program) at Amazon Web Services (AWS) helped move the needle on diversity and inclusion for us.

The LEAP program Siobhan built provides a platform for senior candidates and leaders to receive specialized interview coaching and engage in interactive sessions that focus on personal development and diverse leadership. Siobhan’s visionary approach in designing and implementing the LEAP program has significantly enhanced our ability to attract and retain top talent from diverse backgrounds.

Siobhan’s unwavering commitment to inclusion, coupled with her expertise in interview coaching and leadership development, has created a transformative experience for candidates and leaders alike. Her focus on combatting imposter syndrome and empowering candidates to showcase their accomplishments and unique perspectives has been instrumental in creating a more inclusive and equitable recruitment practices.

I recommend SER Consulting and Siobhan for their outstanding work in inclusive hiring and the LEAP program. Siobhan’s leadership and dedication have made a lasting impact on our organization, and I am confident that her expertise and innovative approach will continue to drive positive change in the field of inclusive recruitment.

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