Travon Jackson

Travon Jackson

I had the pleasure of working with Siobhan Neilland and the SER Consulting team during my pursuit of a role as a Solutions Architect at AWS through the LEAP program. Siobhan’s unwavering commitment to leadership staffing, diversity, and inclusion in the technology sector has made a significant impact on my career.

SER’s expertise in Executive Leadership Staffing Consulting & Recruiting Business Solutions, particularly for top-tier Fortune/Forbes 100 companies, was evident from our first interaction. Siobhan and her team took a genuine interest in my career goals and aspirations, ensuring that I had the necessary support and guidance to succeed. Their work in building and implementing the LEAP program provided a fantastic platform for me to showcase my skills, connect with industry leaders, and ultimately secure a job offer from AWS.

One aspect of SER’s approach that stood out to me was the focus on developing candidates’ interviewing skills through their leadership diversity recruiting behavioral coaching and training program. Their methods not only helped me effectively communicate my accomplishments and skills during the interview process but also instilled a newfound confidence in my abilities.

Siobhan’s impact extends far beyond her work with Fortune 500 companies. As a social entrepreneur, UN delegate, and founder of, she demonstrates the power of harnessing individual talents to create global change. Her book, “Fighting for your JOY! A Fortune 500 Consultant & Nonprofit CEO Shares Her Secrets to Overcome Adversity, Achieve Success & Have More Fun,” serves as an inspiring testament to her mission of promoting joy as a driving force for personal and professional success.

In summary, I cannot recommend Siobhan Neilland and her SER team highly enough. SER is a true champion for diversity, inclusion, and engagement in the technology sector, and their dedication to empowering individuals to achieve their full potential is unparalleled. Working with SER has undoubtedly transformed my career trajectory, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have collaborated with such an inspiring, accomplished professional team.

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