Tracy Honeycutt

The interview process at Amazon is unlike any other company and can be overwhelming. The LEAP Interview Summit gave me an opportunity to learn about the process and helped prepare me to showcase my brand. I often tell people about my journey joining AWS and how the LEAP program prepared me. Most people can’t believe Amazon invests so much in candidates during the interview process. Interviewing at other companies always felt like navigating a field of landmines; one misstep and the opportunity was gone. My experience interviewing at Amazon was very different thanks to the LEAP Interview Summit. Amazon wanted to learn about me and my strengths. Through LEAP, Amazon taught me how to approach the interview process, how to showcase my brand, and how to be successful. Learning about Amazon directly from the company’s leaders and having an opportunity to ask questions during one-on-one coffee chats was a unique experience. Amazon’s culture is unique, and the LEAP summit set the tone early in my journey. LEAP is a great program that left a positive impression on me. Every candidate should go through the LEAP Interview Summit during the interview process, so they can see how Amazon’s culture is unique and how Amazon prepares employees for success.

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