Saikat Gomes Senior Customer Solutions Manager AWS

Saikat Gomes

I wanted to take out time to mention how impactful the LEAP Interview Summit Program was for me (and am sure for others), while preparing for my interview with AWS in April 2022. The LEAP Leadership Panel was one inspirational session to get an upfront opportunity to hear leaders within Amazon talk about reaching their potential, and going beyond, within the company. From that day, it also impressed upon me the culture of inclusivity and diversity prevalent within Amazon. The session helped me to get more confident ahead of my interview loop, especially when I had not interviewed for years! Secondly, the LEAP Coffee Engagement helped me get a preview of my role I was interviewing for, from a person who was already in that role, in a very casual setting! This made me very comfortable in understanding what I was going to do in AWS, and helped prepare myself better for my interview. In addition to this, the diverse panel in my loop, gave me very good feeling about the company I was aspiring to work for!

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