Hi Siobhan Neilland, A Big Thank YOU! I attended your Executive Interview Coaching Lab session today and I instantly connected with what you were trying to say. I would like to bring it to your notice that the work you are doing is a boom for leadership candidates like me. I heard all your points and the scenarios where people might have impostor syndrome. I would like to add one more which might help many others if you include this in your story.

People who stay in abusive relationships for an extended period of time would have been belittled for so long that they won’t realize how worthy they are and how capable they are and they fail in presenting themselves in interviews though they are 200% capable. I am coming out of such a relationship. I was there for 14 years and never interviewed for any company in the last 15 years as I was dealing with other things in my personal life. I have won the cruelty case in the USA [Apr 28th 2022] and got full custody of my child and filed cases for domestic violence in India. I am spreading awareness and trying to bring awareness about these types of issues. I have attended multiple counseling sessions/sat in multiple workshops with other victims in the last several months for my PTSD situation.
Your Executive Coaching might help many others candidates and might help change lives if you include this part in your coaching.

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