Nick Curry

Nick Curry

Siobhan and her SER Consulting team were exceptional at AWS for their work in creating an innovative, custom interview prep program, called LEAP. Siobhan’s dedication and expertise have not only made a significant impact on candidates, but have also garnered tremendous recognition from all levels within AWS.Siobhan’s custom interview prep program has revolutionized our approach to candidate preparation. Her innovative strategies and personalized coaching have transformed the interview experience, making candidates feel more comfortable, confident, and well-prepared. By tailoring her program to the specific needs of each candidate, Siobhan has helped individuals showcase their skills and abilities in the best possible light.The success of Siobhan’s program extends far beyond candidate satisfaction. Hiring teams and senior executives have witnessed firsthand the positive outcomes resulting from Siobhan’s approach. Candidates who have gone through Siobhan’s program consistently demonstrate a deeper understanding of AWS’s company, culture, and values. They showcase a heightened level of confidence, effectively articulating their experiences and qualifications during interviews because of Siobhan’s work.Siobhan’s dedication to continuous improvement and staying ahead of industry trends is truly commendable. She consistently seeks feedback from candidates, hiring teams, and peers, using their insights to refine and enhance her program. This commitment to excellence has resulted in a program that consistently exceeds expectations and delivers exceptional results.Beyond her technical expertise, Siobhan’s exceptional interpersonal skills and genuine care for the success of candidates have made her an invaluable asset to our organization. Her ability to build strong relationships with hiring teams has also been instrumental in the program’s success, as they have recognized the tangible value it brings to our organization.

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