Mary Wallace

Mary Wallace

I have had the privilege of working with Siobhan as a recruiter working with me at AWS to attract strong, diverse leadership talent and as a professional being recruited to AWS after a very long career at IBM. Siobhan has strong skills in identifying talent and uses her emotional intelligence to build trust and create programs to address the needs of the population she is recruiting. The LEAP program created by Siobhan leveraged a combination of leadership networking events and interviewing summits. The networking events were genius in both giving potential candidates a personal view of AWS, while also encouraging candidates to build a lasting network within AWS. Similarly, the interview summits enabled candidates to be evaluated for a number of opportunities while also giving them interview experiences with many leaders at AWS. As a hiring leader these summits gave me a pool of talent to assess all at once, accelerating the hiring process.

While writing this, I found that my recommendation in many ways speaks from the candidate’s point of view. This is due to my personal experience as a leader recruited by Siobhan. She gave me some of my best career advice I ever received and although I knew she worked for AWS, made me feel like she was on my side…which she was. I think that is about the highest compliment one can give to an executive recruiter. I highly recommend Siobhan for any organization looking to attract and retain diverse leadership talent.

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