I wanted to reach out and just say again how grateful I was for all the amazing tips and tricks you shared.  I think they were so helpful for me in the process.  Although I wasn’t chosen for the role I was interviewing for, I have no doubt that it helped in allowing me to be me while still helping me figure out the secret sauce of the companies I want to work for as it pertained to the candidate process.
I am going to start looking for another opportunity that might fit my background and experience a bit better and hopefully help me achieve my goal to become a leader at one of my top companies.  I really felt in my heart that this would be an experience that would teach me some things and lead me on a great path forward in my career.

I know it may not happen overnight, but I am a strong believer in manifesting the things you want for yourself and becoming a leader in my field is something I have set my sights on for the near future.  I hope we will be colleagues sooner rather than later.  🙂 Happy Holidays and thanks again for all your wise words and assistance. Stay safe out there.  All the best – hope you have a great rest of your week.

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