Katrina Gutierrez Pitera Leadership Recruiting at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Katrina Gutierrez Pitera

I cannot recommend Siobhan highly enough. She advocates strongly for her candidates and is so much more than a recruiter. She is a career consultant, truly listening to candidates and helping them find roles that align with their career goals and passions. She is a coach, leading them through each step of what can be a very difficult process. She is a mentor, not just to her candidates, but to her peers. She flawlessly balances both the needs of hiring managers, and candidates, earning trust with all. And she was able to put together an entire program (LEAP) at Amazon. I was lucky enough to witness her take this from idea to inception, from our pilot event to an entire program with a staffed team, I would count myself lucky to work with Siobhan at any company.

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