Hi Siobhan — I wanted to thank you for leading the Executive Interview Coaching Session today. I’m fortunate to be gearing up for the interview Loop for a position that is tremendously exciting. I especially appreciated the emphasis you put on selling ourselves and letting our passion (for the position and company in general) come through in the stories we tell. I’m a jazz musician by trade…..which means I am most comfortable when I know what key we’re in, who the composer is, the genre of song, and perhaps some background on some of the other musicians in the group.

The actual music that is made happens by using the ears and eyes and reacting to what is happening on the stage. The emphasis you placed on telling our story and not trying to out-think was spot on and reinforced how I’ve gone about preparing for this process.
Thanks again for the time you put into helping us candidates navigate this stage of the interview process. You did a fantastic job today.

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