Jackson Aimiuwu Sr Mgr, Solutions Architecture WWCS

Jackson Aimiuwu

I had only really interviewed once, ok maybe twice in my career prior to interviewing for Amazon. I was usually tapped on the shoulder to take on my opportunities in majority of my previous roles. I wasn’t prepared to tell my story effectively using the Amazonian way. I’m grateful for the support that LEAP Interview Summit offered me. I got a chance to meet AWS leaders prior to an interview which gave me my first opportunity to start to understand Amazon’s peculiar culture. LEAP also gave me a tremendous amount of valuable interview prep tools, resources and 1-1 interview coaching to help me shape and prepare to tell my story during the interview loop. I was also pleasantly surprised to have an interview loop comprised of gender diverse interviewers. I’m passionate about paying things forward and I have been able to contribute to LEAP Leadership Engagement Panels and coaching lounges ever since to help other future leaders.

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