Frank Landaverde

Frank Landaverde

I had the pleasure of working with Siobhan. From the very beginning, I could see the passion that she so effortlessly displays. She demonstrated a deep understanding of people that can only be described as true empathy. This makes her a wonderful judge and mentor of talent. I think one of her best attributes is her ability to relate, and make her audience feel comfortable enough to truly be themselves. This ability has made her a champion in diversity and inclusion. She delivers all this ability, passion, and enthusiasm in very creative ways. The programs she institutes to discover, coach, and develop talent are not only creative, but very effective. I would recommend Siobhan to any organization or individual that is looking for a passionate, creative, empathetic talent champion.

As I continue my personal journey of helping the next generation LatinX technology professionals, I look forward to my continued collaboration with Siobhan in the pursuit of diversity and inclusion in technology.

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