Debra Yarnall

Debra Yarnall

I am writing to recommend Siobhan Neilland and SER Consulting Co., with whom I had the pleasure of working during our time at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Siobhan and her team are highly skilled and dedicated individuals who possesses exceptional leadership, communication, and technical abilities.

As a colleague, Siobhan consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a deep understanding of ID&E and AWS services. She was able to leverage her technical expertise to drive the success of numerous ID&E projects, always striving for excellence in everything she did. Her ability to effectively manage and motivate teams was particularly impressive, as she demonstrated a talent for bringing people together to achieve common goals.

During our time working together at AWS, I had the opportunity to witness Siobhan’s exceptional problem-solving abilities firsthand. She was always able to identify the root cause of complex issues, and devise effective solutions that addressed the needs of our clients while ensuring the highest levels of service delivery.

Siobhan was also an excellent communicator and collaborator, always willing to listen to others’ perspectives and ideas. Her natural ability to build strong relationships with stakeholders was key to her success, as she was able to identify and meet their needs, while keeping them informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle.

Overall, I would strongly recommend Siobhan Neilland for any role that requires a dedicated, knowledgeable, and results-oriented individual. Her experience and skills in Diversity & Inclusion and AWS services are truly exceptional, and she would be a valuable asset to any organization. 

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