Hello Siobhan, how are you? I had an amazing session from your team with respect to the LEAP coaching. Just wanted to extend my gratitude to Siobhan, your team & you for such a wonderful session. 

You gave a lot of information with respect to preparation for the loop interview. It increased my confidence to face the loop interview to a whole new level. I always had an interesting journey with Cloud products and was inspired by the way cloud services had enriched my Clients businesses. Enjoyed thoroughly and participated in Q&A session as well in the LEAP session. 

Thank you and looking forward to the loop interview. Preparing all the scenarios which I came across throughout my 18.7 years of experience in the STAR format, areas where I focused on customers and worked backward. It is not my first interview with a company post 13 years with my current organization, however my best one in my entire career. Hopefully will meet you in person, once I join Amazon. Thank you for all that you / Siobhan / Team are doing in recruitment coaching and helping the candidates.

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