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Chris Gardiner

I highly recommend Siobhan for her tireless work within Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity recruiting. I first met Siobhan when I joined Amazon Web Services to develop our team ID&E talent strategy. Siobhan quickly embraced me as a new member of AWS, provided countless resources and most importantly her time. Over the years that I have worked with Siobhan our paths crossed on a variety of projects with the capstone being LEAP.

Siobhan developed and scaled the Leadership Engagement Advancement Program (LEAP) across AWS over a five year period. LEAP was a labor of love for Siobhan, and was aimed at providing senior candidates a personalized interview coaching experience to enable their success. LEAP expanded over the five years and served thousands of candidates. All of these candidates received coaching to showcase their unique contributions and accomplishments. Through LEAP, Siobhan developed a program to drive more equity and inclusion for candidates interested in AWS.

I recommend Siobhan for any organization seeking to make impactful change to their inclusive hiring practices!

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