Thank you for hosting the Executive Interview Coaching session yesterday! The content definitely spoke to me. I’ve been promoted internally for the last 6 years from starting hourly to Director level managing a huge team. While I’ve helped to hire many marketers and have delivered results for my company, I am rusty on my own interview skills! What you shared will definitely help me prepare for my interview.

I wanted to provide a few specific points of feedback:

  • Including DE&I Content- I appreciate that you mentioned women typically wait until they are 100% qualified to apply while men will apply when they have 60% of the qualifications. I did a little sanity check myself on the roles I’m applying for after this reminder.
  • You have great energy! – This session was really a first glimpse into the culture of the kinds of companies to look for. I really enjoyed hearing how you were able to solve a problem and put it into implementation- and work in an environment that helps to support that. That is the part that gets me EXCITED about finding the right company like you have done. Your passion for what you do speaks volumes.
  • Plan to Prepare- The suggestion of having STAR responses and scenarios for each leadership principle is helpful.

Thank you again for your time and for providing all of the resources! Have a great weekend!

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