De'Rell Bonner Executive Hiring Manager, External Community Activations Leader, AWS ID&E

De’Rell Bonner

Siobhan is a respected executive at AWS who has made significant impact directly supporting enterprise-wide diversity recruiting hiring goals. I’ve had the great pleasure to work alongside her and support her mission-critical initiatives aimed at recruiting diverse candidates and supporting them through recruitment and on-boarding. Siobhan, is a trusted leader, who leads with inclusion and...

Jason Minkoff Senior Manager, WW Technical Enablement at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Jason Minkoff

I have had the pleasure to know and work with Siobhan for the last 3 years. We teamed up to expand the AWS Bar Raiser program globally, an internal hiring effort that develops expert level interviewers and gives them the skills needed facilitate debriefs and reach hiring decisions. Siobhan’s goal was to expand diversity within...

Francessca Vasquez

Siobhan and her team have had a great impact on AWS and our business. Thank you for helping support the AWS Americas Business. Thank you for everything you do! #ONETEAM

Corey Neal WW Specialist Solutions Architecture Leader, Chime SDK

Corey Neal

The LEAP Interview Summit program was in invaluable experience for me as an interview candidate. The LEAP Events program provided me the opportunity to hear from leaders about their own career journey to AWS, Amazon culture, and to speak one on one with a peer in an informal setting to ask about a day and...

Khalid Abdulla Manager Solutions Architecture EDU AWS WWPS Education SA

Khalid Abdulla

I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the LEAP Interview Summit. When I got the opportunity to interview for Amazon, I was thrilled but also a bit unsure about what to expect. It had been a while since I had gone through an interview process, and I knew that the competition would be tough....

Rupa Boddu North America Field Technical Operations, AWS WWCS – WW Technology

Rupa Boddu

I am incredibly grateful for the support and guidance provided by the LEAP Interview Summit team during my hiring process. Their efforts to prepare me for the interview were instrumental in helping me feel confident and prepared, and I truly appreciated the diversity in the loops which made for a well-rounded experience. Additionally, attending the...

Solutions Architect , AWS WWPS Civilian SA

Nikhil Nayar

The LEAP Interview Summit gave me got a good idea about Amazon culture and let have space to ask wider questions with the 1-1 LEAP Coffee conversation which sometimes difficult during intense interview calls/sessions. I also was able to hear directly from leaders on the LEAP Leadership Panel about their diverse backgrounds and how they...

Shannon Thoke Sr Mgr, Customer Solutions , AWS BDSI Strategic Acc

Shannon Thoke

The Amazon loop process was intimidating, but Siobhan prepared me for success by explaining the Amazon Leadership Principles and the STAR methodology thru the LEAP Interview Summit program. Siobhan and the LEAP program helped me pivot when they looped me for a better role fit while keeping me motivated to engage in the process. While...

Jon Burton Sales Manager, GF Commercial , AWS WWCS

Jon Burton

The LEAP Interview Summit program was a great opportunity that created key access points with senior leaders which made the difference in my final decision to join AWS. Not only did LEAP better prepare me for the interviews it also allowed me direct engagement with various leaders to help me understand what a day in...

Ramy Afifi Sr. Solutions Architect AWS Worldwide Public Sector - Partners

Ramy Afifi

Hi Siobhan, I just wanted to thank you and your entire team for such an AWSome experience. It was great to hear from Amazon LEAP Interview Summit recruiters, and be given the opportunity to ask questions for further clarification. It really shows how the LEAP Event and AWS Business team cares about helping potential candidates...

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