Recruiting Solutions OnDemand

RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

 SER Consulting Co. (SER) is a Talent Acquisition & Organizational Development Executive Leadership Consulting Firm

We specialize in for executive search recruiting and leadership development consulting. Our firm is experienced at providing professional, high quality executive search work. We have both world and nation-wide perspective in the recruiting industry and have developed a close rapport with our clients. This has helped create an environment that is professional and provides competent services for our growing clientele. SER knows that having the right personnel is not an expense, but an investment in the future of your company. Just as you need professional advice when building your financial portfolio, your company needs expert assistance when identifying and securing critical personnel and building out the organizational foundation programing infrastructure.

SER Consulting RPO Transforms Recruiting into a Competitive Advantage

SER Consulting provides customized RPO ( Recruitment Process Outsourcing) recruiting programs that close the gap between an organization’s recruiting needs and what they are able to accomplish on their own. Finding the right partner among a sea of recruitment process outsourcing companies is intimidating. Simply put, we have developed an approach to RPO staffing that is more efficient and effective. This translates to stronger value for our clients and a better inclusive hiring experience for their candidates.

“Recruiting heavily determines which companies excel, and the competition for top talent is as heated as ever. Let us help you implement a winning game plan.”

“SER Consulting believes that holistic, inclusive and engagement is at the heart of excellent recruiting.”

Enterprise Executive / Leadership RPO Recruiting

Offload candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing, and on-boarding with a tailored program that will integrate seamlessly.

Land the top tier talent and leadership team needed to build out new groups with supplemental resources that enable HR to stay focused on other priorities.

Executive & Technical Recruiter On Demand

Contract OnDemand Executive & Technical Recruiters Today – We have OnDemand Executive and Technical recruiters to help you hire top talent. Our SER contract recruiters give you the hiring flexibility that your company needs. 

Hire an OnDemand Executive & Technical Recruiters – As the job market continues to change, your company needs to be ready to change with it. SER Consulting Co. has all of the executive and technical contract recruiting solutions you’ll need to elevate your hiring process.Along with a new perspective, our seasoned executive and technical; recruiters also bring their experience and personal networks to each new assignment. These recruiters know what does and doesn’t work, and they can leverage their experience to quickly find the candidates that you need.

Agile Recruiting for Top Executive & Technical Talent – While larger companies might need two to four weeks to send you recruiters, we can deliver them to you in two to four days. Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500, we can quickly match you with the right team of executive or technical recruiters for roles like C-suite, Leadership Bench and technical roles like  data scientists, product managers,  full-stack engineers to fill in the gaps on your recruiting team.

Get OnDemand Executive & Technical Recruiters – Whether you need to hire one or thirty recruiters for a small or large hiring project, we have you covered.

OnDemand Recruiting Solutions:

SER Consulting Co. provides flexible and fast contract recruiting resources to meet your global hiring needs.

  • EXPANSIVE NETWORK – Our contract recruiter network is made up of thousands of coordinators, sourcers, and recruiters.
  • INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE – Work with contract recruiters who can work in industries like healthcare, engineering, or manufacturing. 
  • Top Tier Experienced RECRUITERS – Our extensive vetting process ensures you work with successful recruiting experts.
  • GLOBAL Experience – We can provide local contract recruiters anywhere in the world to satisfy your regional hiring needs. 
  • SCALE QUICKLY & Effectively  – Whether it’s one or thirty recruiters, we’ll have you talking to a qualified recruiter in about two days.
  • FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS – Month-to-month commitments allow you to scale your hiring as your needs change.  

We support Fortune 500 enterprises to early-stage startups, we have solutions to meet your recruiting needs. 


Enterprise Speed and Scale – We provide recruiting resources to Enterprises like Amazon, Google, and Visa. Projects range from niche roles their RPO can’t fill to large-scale projects hiring hundreds or thousands of new employees.

Resources For Growing Companies – From niche full life-cycle recruiters to generalists to executive recruiting specialists, SER Consulting Co has the resources to help you grow. Our solutions are a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting agencies, while delivering the highest quality candidates.  

Solutions For Startups – Our OnDemand solutions are perfect for startups. Ramp our resources up and down based on hiring cycles. Leverage our experts for everything from sourcing to recruiting to screening

Recruiter Pipeline Support – Utilize our OnDemand Recruiting and Talent Pipeline resources for new client opportunities or existing client hiring spikes. Convert our OnDemand resources to full-time employees.

Increase Team Bandwidth – If you’re struggling with not having enough candidates in your pipeline or not enough recruiters to manage them, we can help. Recruiting ultimately comes down to people, and we have a great team of recruiters that can take the strain off your internal recruiting team.

FAQ on SER OnDemand Recruiting Solutions

Can your SER contract recruiters support my specific recruiting needs for various roles? Absolutely. During the onboarding call, you will share the specific technical requirements like tech stack, languages, and industry experience you need to support, and we will allocate recruiters with experience and candidate networks that match the position you’re trying to fill.

What types of recruiting resources can you provide? We can provide a range of contract recruiting experts based on your needs. That includes sourcers, recruiting managers, technical recruiters, midlevel and junior recruiters, managers, and coordinators.

Is there a limit to the number of recruiters a company can hire? No, our solutions are flexible, and you can scale them up or down when needed. You can hire one or fifty recruiters to help you hire for any number of job positions.

How do you qualify your OnDemand recruiters? Due to our years of experience in the recruiting industry, we have a refined recruiter vetting process. This process ensures we deliver outstanding recruiting resources to our clients. This vetting process includes several rounds of interviews, client references, and analysis of the recruiters’ experience and results.

Do we have to make a long-term commitment? No, our recruiting solutions are great because we offer monthly contracts. This allows your company the flexibility to scale your hiring up or down according to your needs. However, we do offer long-term agreements if you need committed recruiters at a flexible price.

Do you support global executive and technical hiring needs?  Yes, we help our clients hire talent anywhere in the world. We can be flexible with your hiring needs, whether you need a U.S.-based recruiter who is familiar with    global industries or local recruiters that understand the market. We can also provide local recruiters that understand the market.

We have a tight budget, can you find us resources that align with it? One of the best things about our recruiting model is that we can be flexible with your budget. We can also identify local and global resources that fit your budget. Contact us today to see what recruiting solutions we can customize according to your budget!

Sourcing Recruiter & Research Team on Demand

Expand Your Candidate Pipeline for your recruiting team! SER’s OnDemand sourcing solutions can streamline your hiring process and engage warm candidates in days instead of weeks. We help employers of all sizes find top talent faster with our OnDemand sourcing. Data and research is at the center of SER consulting’s OnDemand sourcing efforts. We use thousands of sourcing programs and have our experienced recruiting teams source warm candidates for each role, regardless of what industry. Our approach will help you understand how candidates respond to job openings and based on that data; our team will also send you insights that you can use to improve your recruiting process.

Reliable Pipeline of Candidates – Our access to a suite of the latest sourcing technology will find you a reliable pipeline of warm candidates.  Whether you’re planning to hire one or twenty candidates, our agile sourcing solutions can deliver candidates without headhunter fees. Sourcing can take up about one-third of a recruiter’s work week, but with our OnDemand sourcing solutions, we can speed up your overall recruiting process. Let us manage the sourcing so you can focus on the most important aspect of recruiting: connecting with candidates.

FAQ on SER’s OnDemand Sourcing Solution

  • What is SER OnDemand Sourcing Solution? Our OnDemand sourcing solutions provide warm candidates who are interested in the client’s open job position. These candidates are ready to interview with your team, and we can integrate them into your applicant tracking system (ATS) or spreadsheet. We can also make an introduction over email and import them into your internal recruiting process. We also offer optional screening services to ensure the candidate is a good match before handing them over to your team.
  • What types of roles does this sourcing solution support? We can source for almost any job opening you might have. We have supported clients looking to fill corporate, clinical healthcare, manufacturing, sales, marketing, executives, financial, or retail roles. If you’re unsure if we can source candidates for your positions, ask us.
  • How quickly can I start seeing candidates with this offering ? On average, it can take around seven to ten business days for us to start generating a flow of warm candidates. This will vary for each company because there are many factors that affect the speed, like testing our messaging, our approaches, and making any calibrations based on the client’s feedback.
  • Do I have to pay an agency fee if we hire someone you have provided? Nope! We have flexible pricing models, and we do not charge a backend percentage of the base salary fee when you hire someone. Our pricing aligns with the number of candidates you want to source or the number of searches you need.
  • Where do your candidates information come from?  Our data comes from a variety of sources, including internal and external databases. Each industry and role has its own database, so we’ll use the database that will deliver the best candidates.

Onsite Turnkey TA Teams for Hire / Flexible Employment Staffing for Agency & RPOs

Recruiting Solutions for RPOs and Agencies and Fortune 500 Organizations- If you need to hire a team of Recruiters, Sourcers and Talent Acquisition experts then SER Consulting Co. can offer you customized solutions in bui9lding our turnkey recruiting ream. If you are hiring for RPOs and recruiting agencies then you require a different strategy and solution than a typical business would. Find these flexible recruiting solutions at SER Consulting below for your custom needs.

Reliability , Speed & Ease to Hire – As a recruiting agency, you need to have a team of recruiters you can rely on. Our experienced teams are recruiters and talent acquisition professionals you can trust. Thanks to our agile recruiting solutions, we can deliver recruiters to your team quickly so that you can keep your business operating efficiently. We make it easy to hire any of our recruiting professionals, and we deliver the most qualified recruiters for you to contract.

Flexible & Affordable Solutions – Once you find the right team of recruiting professionals, you can scale these teams up or down according to your staffing needs.We have flexible recruiting solutions that can fit almost any budget. You can find the right solution for your agency without sacrificing on quality recruiters.

One Team – Partnerships – Our recruiters act as an extension of your brand and form a close partnership with you to improve your client relations.

We Help RPOs and Agencies Find the Right Talent – We can help your organization too with our flexible OnDemand recruiting and sourcing teams. We have your RPO Covered

  • OnDemand Recruiting – Our OnDemand recruiters make it easy for recruiting agencies and RPOs to scale their resources as client demand fluctuates.
  • OnDemand Sourcing – If you have the resources to hire talent but need help identifying qualified candidates, our OnDemand sourcing solutions can locate the best talent and deliver them to you./li>
  • Flexible Employment Solutions for Staffing Agencies

Our OnDemand recruiting solutions can help RPOs and recruiting agencies to hire the right recruiters.

• Month-to-Month Contracts

    • No headhunter fees
    • Customizable solutions
    • Affordable pricing
    • Sustainable price margins

• Qualified Senior Recruiters

    • Industry experience
    • Agency experience
    • Technology experience
    • Recruiting processes experience

• Recruiting Teams

    • Recruiters (Full Cycle)
    • Sourcers & Research Teams
    • Coordinators
    • Screeners & Profiling Teams

Use Our OnDemand Solutions for Your Recruiting RPO, Agency or Fortune 500 organization.