For over the past decade, SER has used strategic research analysis to target strategies toward one end result . . . NAME GENERATION. Our state-of-the-art methodology uncovers every possible passive qualified candidate and offers you access to the best, hard-to-find candidates.

Our Research Process includes:

  • Conducting Consultations to tailor strategies to the individual needs of each project or search
  • Executing Sourcing Methodology to extract key individuals within targets – from the individual contributor, all the way up to the executive level
  • Identifying target markets and companies
  • Conducting extensive, yet expedient, Computer Database Research in which information is stored and retrieved on a broad cross-section of candidates; This database is continually updated to assist us in identifying potential candidates
  • Executing Recruiting Strategies by identifying precise skills, personal attributes, and areas of knowledge a candidate should ideally possess for a job.
  • Reporting our progress on a regular basis throughout the search or profiling project; Keeping a client in the loop and up-to-date
  • Offering Customized Name Generation Research as well as Organizational Charts for special projects

Today’s competitive technology environment demands a multiple sourcing approach to filling your intellectual capital requirements. NAME GENERATION is ideally utilized to supplement your sourcing channels, by utilizing a resourceful, experienced research team dedicated to mining talent for your company.


  • Fills your funnel with qualified candidates
  • Creates a continuous flow of qualified candidates
  • Becomes your premier source for hard to find candidates
  • Focuses on dynamic candidate mining
  • Provides a dedicated effort to filling your candidate pool
  • Proactively searches and finds talent for multiple difficult-to-fill positions
  • Creates a queue of intellectual talent to grow your business
  • Supplies tough to find skill sets
  • Employs dedicated analysis and development techniques to determine strategic candidate referral sources
  • Embodies a replicable, predictable methodology for mining talent

NAME GENERATION is used by our clients to strategically locate, screen, and recruit specific skill sets to keep their talent pool full.