Leadership & Organizational Development

Executive Leadership Training & Facilitation/ Leadership Development & Training
*Customized Programing for your Organization*

SER Consulting will Strengthen Tactical Execution to Achieve Strategic Goals

The strategic planning process enables an organization to establish its priorities. Their ability to deliver on those goals and objectives will be dictated by the alignment and execution of supporting tactics. Not every company has both the capability and the capacity to provide as much oversight on that front as they would like. SER Consulting’s certified program and project management experts help clients achieve their strategic vision by implementing and leading an actionable plan for getting it done.

“We collaborate closely with customers executive leadership and organizational stakeholders to understand their business and develop solutions tailored to their specific needs.”

Investing in leadership and organizational development, organizations are investing in their future’s inclusive culture and long-term profitability!

The most effective business leaders identify and develop the talent around them. For too long, leadership culture has failed to acknowledge, promote, encourage, and include the voices of non-dominant workplace groups as well as in hiring practices. Your organization team is likely missing out on important ideas from unnoticed leaders who can help you compete in a changing world. This isn’t to say that business leaders are purposefully excluding certain voices, group, or marginalized communities. More often, well-meaning leaders don’t understand how their workplace culture affects their decision-making — hindering inclusion , equity, and diversity, (ID&E). At its core, inclusion and engagement is about more than just checking boxes. It’s about maximizing the talent and leaders hiding in plain sight. That’s where SER Consulting comes in. We specialize in developing courageous leaders and executives and driving results that optimized global change and profitability. By investing in this type of leadership development, organizations are investing in leaders who will be better equipped to uncover the new talent that’s been there all along.

We work with business leaders to reveal the unconscious biases that weigh heavily on women, people of color, LGBTQ+ and other frequently marginalized groups in their organizational foundation and hiring practices. When these biases are brought to the surface and understood for what they are, leaders can begin to disrupt status quo thinking that assumes everyone is just like them. Through this process, we create courageous leaders. Courageous leaders aren’t afraid of someone else’s good idea, realizing they aren’t all-knowing and all-seeing. Instead, courageous leaders come to work every day and say, “I don’t know, but let’s go find out.” When business leaders begin to employ these skills in the workplace, they can do amazing things.

Our training seeks to instill these eight critical leadership skills:

  • Courageous communication
  • Being an Agent of Change
  • Courageous Leadership in Action
  • Leveraging Ambiguity
  • Integrating Heart & Intellect
  • Listening Skills
  • Balancing Key Paradoxes
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Seeing and Thinking Systemically

Team Development & Strategy & Transformation

Transformational Leadership

Inspire and rally the organization around shared objectives. Energize the ranks to embrace their individual roles in overcoming the most daunting challenges.

Organizational & Hiring Strategy

SER Builds Engaging Employee & Talent Acquisition Experiences & Programs

SER Consulting keeps a finger on the pulse of ever-shifting talent in the market and employee sentiment. We have proven experience in Implementing processes and systems to maintain a rewarding experience consistent with corporate brand strategy for hiring talent and retaining talent.

Companies THRIVE and are more Profitable when there is DIVERSIFIED POWER – “EMPLOYEES ARE ASKING FOR MORE POWER — AND COMPANIES ARE SEEING THE VALUE IN GIVING IT TO THEM” – With many office employees working remotely, and expected to continue working remotely, at least part of the time, the questions that used to indicate power in the organization no longer matter. Virtual work, coupled with the social movement of 2020, have leveled the playing field. Employees closest to the customer, who understand how to interpret customer data and needs, have been elevated in importance. The need for sharp, fast insight to be agile and adjust to the ever-changing situation around you, has created a need for companies to reduce layers of unnecessary people who can create delays, mis-characterize the data or worse spin it to their own narrative.


SER Change Management Services & Organizational Effectiveness

SER Consulting formulates a feasible, actionable plan for leading the organizational change needed to achieve the established strategic goals.

Virtual Leadership Summits

SER Builds Leadership Customized Summits for your organization to attract the talent and thought leaders that you desire. Leadership Engagement from the voice of your core values is built to engage customers and talent your interested in building relationships with.

Virtual Full Inclusion & Diversity Intensive Programming

Inclusive Leader Online Intensive

  • We offer our two half-day experience and we have had thousands of leaders around the world experience it. For organizations and teams, our Summits are provocative introductions to shifting mindsets and behaviors for better partnership across difference. 
  • We’re excited to offer a virtual corollary, created intentionally for remote working to continue the inclusive leadership journey with deep and engaging work.

Introducing our Virtual Summit, Helping Leaders
The Virtual Summit is designed to be as comprehensive and insightful as our in-person Summit but formulated for the virtual world. Virtual learning differs from in-person learning in important ways: It’s more convenient. It’s more accessible. For adult learning, it’s potentially just as good for learning new concepts.

  • Explore skills to work and lead inclusively.
  • Understand and articulate the organization’s inclusion engagement journey and the path forward.
  • Build awareness of insider culture and understand the unique role of insiders and outsiders in creating an inclusive culture.
  • Take specific action on a skill and identify next steps in leaders’ individual learning journey.

The Virtual Summit Sessions

  • The Virtual Summit is intended for up to 48 participants to ensure active engagement and dialogue as they journey through five, two-hour sessions. The middle three sessions are interconnected and interchangeable for maximum customization and flexibility.

Virtual ID&E Learning Summits & Intensive Programming

The Virtual ID&E Learning & Intensive goes a step farther in building out your organization with the foundation and change needed to take your company to the next level.

The Virtual Summit is intended for up to 150 participants to ensure active engagement and dialogue as they journey through five, two-hour sessions. The 10  sessions are interconnected and interchangeable for maximum customization and flexibility.