ID&E Solutions and Approach

Customized Inclusion, Equity & Diversity Solutions

We customize and create organizational infrastructure building blocks and tools for businesses to have transformational power in developing and hiring exceptional leadership as well as creating processes and mechanisms that create an engaging and impactful culture for their organization. We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes, at all levels, to develop better leaders and organizations they lead—leaders who will have an impact today and build a talent pipeline for the businesses of tomorrow. Leadership, culture, and engagement will build your organization with the long-term growth as the north star and making the most of your talented people and attract innovative leaders to follow. Our services are best at Improving business performance, turning risk and compliance into opportunities, developing strategies, and enhancing value are at the core of what we do for leading organizations and building them from the ground up with the best foundation.

In our experience—and when practiced the right way—ID&E organizational development is soul-healing, culture-transforming work that everyone can benefit from, not only for their teams and organizations, but to unlock their own full potential.

We demonstrate how implementing long-term ID&E strategies gives leaders access to their most authentic selves, so that they can open that possibility for their employees, their colleagues, and their communities. We believe this builds the foundation to grow ID&E in hiring leadership and executive bench so that your organization will scale with profitability and an engaging culture that endures. In our work, we are constantly reminded of the possibilities that effective ID&E strategies can unlock on a company, community, and societal level. Getting there takes time, thoughtful planning and accountability, and a collective practice of compassion . SER can be your accountability partner and organizational development solution at every step along the way.

We have a comprehensive approach and set of solutions that span every facet of a Inclusion, Equity & Diversity (ID&E) transformation. We also help you embed ID&E into everything that you do, across business functions and organizational priorities, from leadership, recruitment, and change management. We work closely with your leadership team to structure the actions that will guide your long-term vision, and we support the journey with a best-in-class change management plan that is Data-Driven. We help you measure stakeholder shifting mindsets and behaviors, delivering a data-rich fact base that describes your current state and translates your aspiration into measurable near- and longer-term goals.

ID&E Organizational Strategy, Talent Acquisition and Culture

We help you create the short & long-term strategic plans for change, align your leadership team and identify the key areas to focus on. Our broad expertise and experience can help you create a high-performing culture that is truly representative of your customers. We work closely with your organizational leadership to develop a roadmap for reaching your current and short-term priorities, while keeping your long-term definition of success firmly in view. Embrace an end-to-end approach to making ID&E a core component of your organization and the foundation for your scalability and growth . We work with you at every step, from developing a repeatable model for successful recruitment to the role-modeling and behavior change so critical to achieving your desired culture. We’ll help you develop a repeatable process and mechanism for converting talent into successful hires and create a culture cascade program to evolve the broader culture and provide the necessary reinforcing support.

ID&E Success Stories & Business Results

Inclusion, Equity & Diversity (ID&E) Makes Financial Sense

According to a 2018 report from

  • 21% of companies in the top 25th percentile for executive team gender diversity are more likely to experience above-average profits.
  • 33% of companies with more culturally and ethnically diverse executive teams are more likely to experience above-average profits.
  • Companies in the top-quartile for gender diversity on executive teams were 21% more likely to outperform on profitability and 27% more likely to have superior value creation.
  • Companies with the most ethnically/culturally diverse boards worldwide are 43% more likely to experience higher profits.
  • Major consulting and research firms weigh in on the positive impact to the bottom line:

Inclusion, Equity & Diversity (ID&E) Attracts and Retains Talent

One of the world’s largest job retention and recruiting sites, shows the following:,

  • 67% of job applicants value diversity.
  • 57% of employees believe employers should be doing more to promote and increase diversity.
  • 67% of both active and passive job seekers say that when they’re evaluating job offers, it is important that the company has a diverse workforce.

ID&E Executive Leadership Development

The most effective business leaders identify and develop the talent around them. For too long, leadership culture has failed to acknowledge, promote, encourage, and include the voices of non-dominant workplace groups as well as in hiring practices. Your organization team is likely missing out on important ideas from unnoticed leaders who can help you compete in a changing world. This isn’t to say that business leaders are purposefully excluding certain voices, group, or marginalized communities. More often, well-meaning leaders don’t understand how their workplace culture affects their decision-making — hindering inclusion , equity, and diversity, (ID&E). At its core, inclusion and engagement is about more than just checking boxes. It’s about maximizing the talent and leaders hiding in plain sight. That’s where SER Consulting comes in. We specialize in developing courageous leaders and executives and driving results that optimized global change and profitability. By investing in this type of leadership development, organizations are investing in leaders who will be better equipped to uncover the new talent that’s been there all along.

We work with business leaders to reveal the unconscious biases that weigh heavily on women, people of color, LGBTQ+ and other frequently marginalized groups in their organizational foundation and hiring practices. When these biases are brought to the surface and understood for what they are, leaders can begin to disrupt status quo thinking that assumes everyone is just like them. Through this process, we create courageous leaders. Courageous leaders aren’t afraid of someone else’s good idea, realizing they aren’t all-knowing and all-seeing. Instead, courageous leaders come to work every day and say, “I don’t know, but let’s go find out.” When business leaders begin to employ these skills in the workplace, they can do amazing things.

Our training seeks to instill these eight critical leadership skills:

  • Courageous communication
  • Being an Agent of Change
  • Courageous Leadership in Action
  • Leveraging Ambiguity 
  • Integrating Heart & Intellect
  • Listening Skills
  • Balancing Key Paradoxes
  • Managing Difficult Conversations